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New album cover :D

2010-11-08 00:51:52 by DJ-Frosted

lemme know what you guys think?


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2010-11-08 05:01:22

I think you should post up the picture in the actual news blog where we can see it better, instead of as a user image, which will inevitably change anyway, making this post from a future perspective less than indicative of what you were doing around November 2010.

BUT...from what I can see, I immediately thought "Starcraft Text"...which may or may not be a selling point.

DJ-Frosted responds:

the text would be easy as hell to change no big deal


2012-01-15 12:01:58

Agreed. Came here to say that. +1


2014-07-09 08:40:57

Wow incredible, you've been submitting stuff since 2008 ^^ didn't see that one coming.

DJ-Frosted responds:

Lol yep i've gotten really good since 2008 haha