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im back!

2009-01-13 14:37:33 by DJ-Frosted

Im back to producing finnally lol... i had some projects i had been meaning to upload but never got a chance because my old computer finnally had it so now i got my new one! XD

New compy specs:

CPU: Intel core 2 quad 2.33Ghz
System ram: DDR2 800 6Gb
Front Side Bus Speed: 1333
Harddrive: 1Tb
Video Card: ATI Radeon HD 4850 (512 GDDR3 Video ram)
Sound Card: Creative Sound blaster X-Fi Xtreme Gamer
OS: Vista 64bit edition (which im hating so far... lol)

Plugins i use in FL 8 XXL Producer Edition are:

-Rapture (which i need to get working agian because it is probably one of the best plugins out there)

-Z3ta+ (another really good plugin but its like a baby brother to rapture)

-Vangaurd (Very nice plugin and very user friendly)

-Nexus (Which i use RARELY because there is no skill with it every sound + waveform is premade)

Anyways! i hope everyone stays tuned XD!


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2009-04-29 00:06:22



2009-04-29 15:20:57

We must collab >:D

DJ-Frosted responds:

indeed we can :) you're never on though


2009-05-05 05:22:32

Uhm, just thought id check ur site... cool...

-Nexus (Which i use RARELY because there is no skill with it every sound + waveform is premade)... lol? So, to be a good guitarist IN YOUR OPINION you have to make your own guitars?

Nexus is just another way of showcasing your melodies/musical ideas... any VSTi where you can make your own sounds, is just for increased detailing, so that you can make the EXACT sound you want... to proclaim that using Nexus makes you a "no skill" musician is wrong ;P Btw, Sylenth1 - so much better than Rapture and Z3ta, i recommend you get a hold of it!

Hmmm, new song... kewl, ill check it out when i get home!

DJ-Frosted responds:

i have it and i was bitter when i wrote that post about nexus


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